• Adding touch
    to the Internet

FeelTechnology is a revolutionary technology company that connects Bluetooth™ enabled devices to one another through the internet.

About Us

The world is becoming more smart and more connected. We make new connections and form new relationships every day.

As a revolutionary technology company, our goal is to make a connection and bring the world closer together.

The hardware and software produced by FeelTechnology comes in the form of a mobile application, a subtitling platform and automated backend technology.

FeelTechnology; adding touch to the internet.

Our solutions


  • Insert the FeelTech PCBA boards into your Bluetooth™ enabled products
  • Whitelabel the FeelTech PCBA boards to produce interactive products
  • Work on the entire design and implementation process with FeelTechnology


  • Subtitling Platform/ Subtitle Studio - Making ordinary 2D and VR content interactive
  • Developer Support
  • Enabling Bluetooth™ devices to connect to one another through the internet using the FeelTech API
  • Machine-Learning

our technology in life

HEY bracelet

HEY is a revolutionary bracelet that sends touch over distance. You can Feel your loved one, no matter how far apart you are. HEY is the first wearable that mimics real human touch.

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