FeelConnect Chrome Extension

A fast tipping tool for interactive toys. The FeelConnect Chrome Extension makes it easy to connect interactive toys to the tipping functionality.


Features of the FeelConnect Chrome Extension:

Use the extension to connect your personal account to the FeelConnect Mobile App.

Control intensity of the vibrations Control the incremental increase of tips Control duration of the vibrations View incoming tips on the FeelConnect Mobile App Manage tips quickly and conveniently Easy connection solution

How to install the FeelConnect Chrome Extension

1 Download and unzip the folder with FeelConnect Chrome Extension on your computer.
Please note: if you had an older version of the Extension, please delete it from your computer.
2 Go to chrome:/extensions or click the menu > more tools > Extensions.
Please note: if you had an older version of the Extension, please remove it from your Extensions.
3 Enable Developer Mode by switching the toggle in the upper right corner.
4 Click on the "Load Unpacked" button.
5 Select the directory containing your unpacked folder with the FeelConnect Chrome Extension and click "Select".
6 You can now switch Developer Mode off.
7 The icon will appear to the right corner of the address bar. Click on it to register your account.
8 Please do not delete the unzipped folder from your computer.
If you have any problems with installing the FeelConnect Chrome Extension, please contact info@feeltechnology.com